Dark Out Running

So it’s been a bit busy at work of late and time to go for a run has been limited - and I need to get fit for the San Silvestre Vallecana soon - so I thought it would be a good idea to head out in the freezing pitch dark and run along one of my favourite and well-trodden 5k routes - obviously it’s not like I would get lost.

Running whilst being unable to see where my feet were going was challenging, but once I hit the proper countryside night vision kicked in and it was lovely. Just as I was coming up on East Farndon a car overtook me and the tail lights going over the hill against the lit-skyline was a great photo, except I wasn’t exactly ready to take a photo - but I slowed down and got out my phone thinking I’d try and take a low light photo anyway and right on cue a car came over the hill - not as nice a photo as the red light would have been, but perhaps even more monochromatic!

Postscript: I went for another dark-run a week later and of course it was a stupid idea. The second time I left a foot in a pothole and did the whole comedy “Ow!” “Ow!” “Ow!” thing as I attempted to slow down with a sprained ankle - so that’s a whole week of training lost!

Empire State Human @guyshearer