My Ultimate Cheese on Toast Experience (so far)

Now I hesitate to venture into food-blog territory but this iteration of cheese on toast was so special it needed to be somehow shared with the world.

Sourdough brown bread from Lidl, toasted without being burned.

Spread with butter.

Spread with mustard (Colemans English preferred)

Squirted with mayonnaise from a plastic bottle - 2 splodges per slice

Topped with cheese, too much, ideally Red Leicester (because: Leicester) but Cheddar is OK as in this example

Gently rest under grill until molten. Remember the grill has to be switched on. That’s the most important part of the recipe. Without that it’s an elaborate open sandwich and that’s useless in high winds.

Splattered with soy sauce. I did mean to use Worcestershire but a fortuitous error took me down the soy side-road.

Empire State Human @guyshearer