New Page on the Blog: Stuff

I’ve been lucky over the years to work on some projects I’m really proud of - but the nature of the line of work I’m in is that sometimes they are “swept aside” as the new and shiny replaces them. From Curriculum Design work, to a book on technology in the classroom, to the “training day on a stick” work that created what at the time we thought was the revolutionary concept of ‘everything you need for a teacher training day on a USB drive’ - the means of delivery may seem quite quaint now but the content is still good stuff. So I’ve made a page on the blog to curate it all - sometimes I did the work under the byline of the organisation that funded it rather than my own - where I share that I’ll try to make my involvement clear. Sadly some material is not licensed for me to reproduce it which is mildly frustrating if the ‘owner’ chooses to no longer let it be available but, well that’s life!

Empire State Human @guyshearer