New Dark Age

‘New Dark Age’ is a Science Fiction book I’ve been working on since March 2019. It’s been through a number of rewrites until I felt version 0.6 was ready to share with agents. I didn’t get an agent, but I did get some really useful feedback from them and from a number of friends who gave it a read through. I’m now working away at version 0.8 which is going to be significantly tightened up, a few of the weaker story lines trimmed and some new material that I think will make it “as good as I thought it was when I first sent it out!”. If you’d be willing to read the next version this September and give me some honest feedback, please drop me a line. This is the current back cover blurb….

The world two hundred years from now is not what we imagined.

We solved most the world’s greatest challenges. We achieved near-immortality. Well, for those that could afford it.

Then everything fell apart, and a new dark age began.

Everything digital failed on one fateful day without warning and without explanation. The end of the world was unspectacular. Everything that depended on that technology: power, production, transportation, communication, all ended in an instant. The elastic that held up civilisation’s underwear snapped and fell.

The ingredients for your family meal, lost to rot in transit. The new recipe you planned to try, lost forever. The power and light in the kitchen, gone. No means to contact anyone further away than you can shout.

A century later, scattered groups of people cling onto some of the old ways, while others work to invent new ones. Resources get ever scarcer and the world has become a fractured place of ignorance and danger.

People such as Karo and Trey still travel from place to place to trade. They carry knowledge and ideas with them. They risk and they hustle. Their latest trip to the Free Market is to negotiate a deal for enough energy to sustain their community for another year. It should have been routine, but it will set off a chain of events that make this new dark age darker still.

Empire_State_Human @guyshearer