MarsEdit with

I’m so pleased I went with for this project (and went for the paid plan) - after my efforts with using Markdown in the web editor (which do work but for some reason they don’t always preview correctly, for me at least) I had several pointers with advice. One led me to this help article on the site, which then led me to downloading Mars Edit.

I remember Mars Edit from many moons ago and it’s no surprise to find it still going strong - so I’m giving it a go. Setup was easy, once I’d got my user token from the account page and realised my user name was just my @ name without the @ it seems to have scooped up all my previous posts, and allowed me to fix a spelling mistake or three.

Screenshot 2018 12 18 at 17 10 20

Using it seems very straightforward, and more suitable for blog posting as opposed to micro-posting, which I haven’t truly got into the habit of yet.

Empire State Human @guyshearer