... Soldier On

Listening to ” …yet” on Do By Friday and it just feels like my heart is breaking. I just put it on as I worked as background noise and… there was the news about the show. I’ve recommended this podcast to many people and mentioned it in my blog and I don’t want to disassociate from that opinion in any way because I don’t even know the details of the allegations that seem to be ending it …yet. Whoever has been hurt in the story that is unfolding and is still to come, I hope you’re OK and I wish you all the best - right now I can only feel for @hotdogladies and @alexcox and hope this isn’t the last time I’ll hear them work together. Alex, I’m going to subscribe to all your other podcasts in the meantime (Merlin, I already listen to yours).

PS after a week the new episiode with just Merlin and Alex is better than fine, it’s good. It will probably be a kinder and less edgy show and that’s no bad thing.

Empire_State_Human @guyshearer